The Opposite Extreme is No Better

Is going to the opposite extreme a healthy response to an issue?

Doesn’t it just push what you stand against even further opposite?

How can you reconcile differences and find a middle ground at that point?

As I’ve become more engaged in the world beyond my doorstep, I’ve seen how society has reached extremes in almost every point of view.  I don’t know if this is a recent phenomenon or if it’s just my conscious involvement in social media that has shown me a Black and White, Right and Left mentality that has seemingly flushed reasonable, open-minded thought right down the toilet.  It echoes of the Aaron Tippin song “You got to stand for somethin’ or you’ll fall for anything”.  But is that the right approach to a global society that shrinks with each new person to get a Facebook page?

You’d think that in a world that has become annoyingly PC, extremism would have been quelled (at least publicly).  But now you can say anything as long as it doesn’t involve a racial slur.  This really was driven home to me this week as I read a post on the Facebook group page “Christian’s Tired of Being Misrepresented”.  One member of the group had posted an online petition for other Christians to publicly profess that “Being gay is no more immoral than being straight”.  It may just be me, but if you are a “Christian” how does that statement make any sense?

Now I’ve written about my stance on homosexuality several times (see The Issue of HomosexualityComing Out of the Closet, or My Beliefs are As Clear As Mud) so I’m not going to go into that.  My  point here is more of the extreme to which they have taken their support of the gay community.  While one Christian groups says that lesbians in abusive relationships shouldn’t be covered by the Protection of Women Act, another says that God sees homosexuality the same as heterosexuality?   Can they not see how extremely irrational their stances are?

And while homosexuality is the hot button topic for Christians, it is just the top of a very long list of completely idiotic juxtapositions we’ve created.  No one wants to admit where they might possibly be wrong.  Just because you stand as the polar opposite of a position doesn’t mean that you are more right.  And when you stand that far away you are no longer listening, but rather waiting for their noise to stop long enough for you to say what you’ve been thinking about.  That’s not communication.  And it’s no way to live.

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