The Avengers as Christians

I’m a big geek at heart. I love movies and comics.  So I’ve watched anxiously for 4 years for as MarvelComics has built it’s story line and character back stories. I love comics and super heroes because they show us over glorified human characteristics.  Our heroes reflect all we would hope to be, and all of our flaws at the same time.  Few heroes are perfect, including Captain America; and my favorite Superman.  Now, with the opening of the new Avengers movie this week, I felt it only appropriate to take a look at the main characters that Marvel Comics has created and see if there were any applications to Christianity. Remarkably enough, there are…

Hulk – The Hulk has a split personality. Normally mild mannered, peaceful, and unassuming he blends in with the other Christians. He leads prayer and quietly attends Bible studies. However, given the right trigger and circumstance he turns into a raging, ill-tempered beast with little regard for others and limited foresight into the consequences of his actions. Christian Hulk runs around angrily yelling “THAT NOT BIBLICAL. ME WRITE ANGRY LETTER TO PASTOR!!!”

Thor – Thor’s power comes from his mighty Bible Hammer. With it he can ruthlessly beat any foe into submission. Thor is more than a man, he is a god.  He lives for the glory of battle and will lend his hand in war.   However, because he has spent so much time in his own world of the church, he doesn’t know how to relate to people in the real world.  He doesn’t understand the nuances of life and therefore must work hard on relationships.

Iron Man – Brash, narcissistic, and self destructive, Iron Man’s  suit of armor makes him a hero and he’s going to live it up.  He joins the team with a “I don’t care what you think, I’m a hero too” attitude.  He sounds like a hero, looks like a hero but actions speak louder than words. When not actually fighting evil (and even sometimes when he does), he’s no better than any of the rest of us.  He looks back on the legacy he would leave and hopes that by making elaborate gestures to counter those perceptions, that others will overlook his flaws.

Captain America – Although his strength and presence are impressive, it’s his heart that makes Captain America a super hero. Christian Cap has seen all the good and evil there is to see in the world, and chooses to stand for what’s right even if it may not be popular.  Unlike the others, he doesn’t seem to have an alter ego he can regress into.  Captain America is who he is.  He inspires through action, and fights for all people, not just those worthy of saving.

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