Un-ChristLike Churches

Can a religious institution claim to know the mind of God?

Can a group of individuals rightly know the will of God more than another group making the same claim?

Can a system of beliefs founded upon the teachings of an individual who spoke about loving your enemies vehemently work to pass judgement on others?

The dying words of Jesus on the cross “Father Forgive Them” should echo down through the millenia and convict us of how unChristlike our manmade doctrines and interpretations of what we think Jesus would have done in the 21st century.

Do we really know what we’re doing?

Can any person, church, or religion make so bold a claim?

One thought on “Un-ChristLike Churches

  1. No!!! I once commented to a pastor friend of mine that I think God is saddened that we have to get theological degrees to “understand” Him, that reading the Bible is simply not good enough anymore. But the reality is that it IS necessary to have a “statement of beliefs” which to some extent outlines what we believe the mind of God is on certain doctrinal points. Roger Olson basically says that because Scripture alone is considered to have been handed down by God, there is no final system of systematic theology that is not open to correction as all theological systems are fundamentally man-made interpretations. But because of all the weird and wonderful teachings that are floating out there, having a Biblical standpoint is necessary. Yes, Christians have got it wrong in the past and still are getting it wrong. And as my wife says, we are all one day going to get to heaven and realise how wrong we ALL were/are. That doesn’t mean that we must stop trying now. God bless. Darryl.


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