Dumb Assumptions Christians Make

A “Jesus Loves You” bumper sticker excuses your road rage

If you haven’t seen someone at YOUR church, they probably aren’t saved

Pat Robertson still knows what he’s talking about

All of society’s problems can be blamed on Liberal Democrats, because…

If you’re a Christian, you must be a Conservative Republican

The Bible is the only reference book you need

Rockstars all worship Satan

Threatening people with hell is the best way to convert them

Wearing a cross necklace is an effective testimony of your faith

Pastors should live by a higher standard than the rest of us

Society still sees being a Christian as a good thing


4 thoughts on “Dumb Assumptions Christians Make

    • Amen to that ellzey. I read a book called ‘Jim and Casper go to Church’ about an atheist who goes with a Christian author to various churches, and records his observations. It was quite and enlightening read of how we Christians are perceived. God bless. Darryl.


  1. I wanted to start commenting all ready after I saw the pic. I love it. I had similar sentiments with my latest post, not so much the ‘incorrect’ assumptions we make, but the testimony of our personal witness. Thanks for the laugh. God bless. Darryl.


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