Christians Created Atheism

Christians created Atheism.  Better stated, Christians are the cause of Atheism.  The more I think about it the more I’m convinced of the fact.  If you take a step back and look at all the wrongs and hypocrisy that the Christian church has committed throughout it’s 2000 year history, the only logical alternative is to be an Atheist or Agnostic.  And many days, I’d say they’re right.  Being an Atheist is simpler.  I can understand why so many people are becoming Atheist, or at least coming out of the closet as Atheist.  There had to be an alternative to the contradictions people couldn’t explain about the Christian lifestyle.  

As an Atheist you don’t have to explain and defend the actions of people who, because they call themselves Atheist means they act and believe the same as you.    Being an Atheist means you don’t believe in the existence of a divine being who gives you direction and purpose to your life.  Your morality is defined by your own actions, not by a group of people you get lumped into.  Think about it.  Can you really provide an all inclusive definition for Atheists other than “They choose not to believe in God”?  Can you say they’re all liberal or conservation?  Are they all pro-life or pro-choice?

The blatant hypocrisy between the message of Jesus and the actions of people who claim to be his followers is staggering.  Why would I want anyone to call me Christian?  By calling myself a Christian I have to defend the actions of whole denominations, conservative politicians, mega-churches, televangelists, and hate groups.  I have to explain the actions of an infinitely incomprehensible God whose actions are mind-boggling and seemingly contradictory.  Oh what I would give to be able to say I’m a Christian and not be labeled as gun-loving, pro-war, homophobic, conservative, judgmental, hypocritical, old-fashioned, insensitive, and naive.  But instead, I have to explain why I’m not like all the other people who call themselves Christian and how those people got it wrong.  I have to explain why:

  • A Catholic Priest walks out while a lesbian woman delivers the eulogy at the funeral of her mother.
  • A church protests at the funeral of a soldier who died defending the rights of those same people exercising their freedom of speech.
  • A Christian business lays off dozens of workers without notice while maintaining the bonus structure for their executives.
  • A youth pastor is arrested for having sexual relationships with teenage girls from his youth group.
  • A “Christian Nation” spends more on beauty products than education and more on entertainment than on poverty in developing countries.

It’s like defending your crazy drunk uncle.  People look at you funny and say things like “that family’s got problems”.  No, the family doesn’t have problems, uncle Jimmy has problems.  He’s an adult and made his own choices.  Why does being a Christian lump me with with all the “Crazy Uncle Jimmy’s” out there?  Yes, Atheism is easier, because then I can point out all the hypocrisy of a system that I feel failed to live up to it’s own standards.  There’s no god because by looking at his followers he really can’t be active in their lives anyway.

Christianity has told the world it lives by a different standard.  But actions speak louder than words.  Maybe the reason that Atheism exists is because Christianity has created this huge chasm between belief and action.  Sure, Christians want to play the humble servant and say “I’m just a sinner”.  But how can you say that and then create a hierarchy of sin (with homosexuality being at the top)?

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe the reason so many countries are persecuting Christians is because they look at the western “Christian Country” that is filled with sexuality, materialism, celebrity worship, and class wars and assume that’s what comes with a relationship with Jesus?

Brennan Manning famously said “The greatest single cause of Atheism today is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips and walk out the door and deny Him with their lifestyles”.

Christianity created Atheism.  Because an unbelieving world simply can’t find God believable through the actions of his supposed followers.  And if belief is unbelievable, is it better not to believe at all?


2 thoughts on “Christians Created Atheism

  1. Great post Ben. With 100% on this. Our pastor shared just this morning that Ghandi once said that he likes our Christ but dislikes Christians because Christians are so unlike their Christ. A scary and sobering thought. Well done. God bless. Darryl.


  2. I don’t know, Ben. I think there were atheists long before there were Christians. I agree that Christians are the best argument against Christianity, just as I believe that Christians are the best argument for Christianity. I would also venture that Buddhists are the best/worst arguments for/against Buddhism, and Moslems the best/worst arguments for/against Islam,etc. In fact, I would guess that human beings have always been the best and worst things on earth, mostly because they are broken sinners who are still – miraculously – made in the image of God. My beef is with the institutionalization of Christianity (or anything else) that nurtures the worst of human brokenness while suppressing the best of humanity made in the image of God.


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