People who Complain

I hate people who complain; and yes I see the irony in complaining about people who complain.   My problem with people who complain is that they typically don’t have any other solution to the problem other than they don’t like what you’re doing.

People complain because…

1.  It’s a flaw in themselves they dislike

2.  They think they’re better than you

3.  They want to control you

4.  They weren’t involved

5.  Because they can

6.  They think they’re in charge

7.  They just can’t deal with change

8.  They want someone to notice them

9.  They’re just unhappy people

10.  They don’t like you and don’t have a better argument

We’ve facilitated a world where complaining is acceptable.  Take politician’s for example.  Most of the debates I see are candidates complaining about their opponent, whether it’s a primary or the incumbent.  You hear less and less about what a person stands for and more about what they are against.  Nothing changes as long as people complain.  But when people decide to stop complaining and put their effort into fixing problems, that’s when revolutions begin.

The greatest people in history weren’t complainers.  A problem was an opportunity to do something great.  This past week I caught myself complaining about all the things I couldn’t do.  I got to a point where I was sick of hearing myself.  I stopped and asked “Why can’t you do something about it?”  I’ll ask any other person who complains the same thing “What are you going to do about it?”  Usually when I ask someone that after listening to their complaint they stop complaining.  They don’t have a solution.

So, if you don’t like something do something about it.  If not, quit complaining.


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