Human Trafficking and the Super Bowl

Indianapolis and the entire state of Indiana have been preparing for years to host the Super Bowl.  I went and visited downtown Indy to soak in the sites and sounds as people began partying days ahead of the big game.  But there’s a sad fact about the Super Bowl.  It is also the largest sex trafficking day of the year.  An estimated 10,000 prostitutes were brought into Miami for the 2010 Super Bowl.  I’ve become all too aware of this scourge to humanity in working with World Vision International and Somaly Mam Foundation.  So it made me a very proud Hoosier to see the final touch to the preparation was the Indiana legislature passing a Human Trafficking law in time for the festivities.  State Senator Randy Head said it best after passing the law, “Indiana will not tolerate it.”  More people need to step up and say the same thing.  Check out the article courtesy of Fox News.

If you want to help end slavery and poverty around the world, visit my other site with World Vision




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