3 Reasons To Go To Church

There are a lot of reasons that Christian’s choose to go or not to go to church.  These aren’t reason’s for people who consider themselves Christians and find themselves struggling to find the motivation to go to church.  For all the people who have excuses not to go to church or need to convince themselves to get out of bed, here are a few.

1.  Church Isn’t Just About You – Church can often be like going to your grandma’s house for Christmas.  You’d rather stay in your house, in your bed, wake up in your pajama’s, and not have to put up with 25 other people who all have ideas of what would be fun for the day.  There are people whom you look forward to seeing.  To them, it is a blessing to see you and/or your family.  They want to get caught up on how your life is and spend time with you.  When you’re all done you don’t remember why you didn’t want to go, only how much fun it was spending time with people who care about you.

2.  Worship is a Blessing – Forget what you think about the people, pastor, music, etc.  If you set all of that aside and open your heart up for God to truly speak to you, you’ll find a blessing in church that you weren’t expecting.  Something special happens in worship with fellow believers.  God will meet you there and there’s no way to describe it other than as a blessing.

3.  You Can Make a Difference – My personal philosophy is “Don’t complain if you’re not willing to help fix it”.  If you don’t like the people or worship in your church you can do one of two things.  Step up to help change it or find a new church.  But if you don’t want to go for any number of reasons adding up to “I don’t like it”, it’s your fault if you don’t do anything about it.

Not going to church is easy for the same reason it’s easier to get fat eating junk food on your couch than it is to go to the gym and stay in shape. 


2 thoughts on “3 Reasons To Go To Church

  1. Hey. That “don’t complain unless you want to do something about it [paraphrase]” is one of my new philosophies too. Great post! God bless.


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