5 Reasons Not To Go To Church

The alarm went off and I rolled over thinking to myself “It’s the weekend.  I shouldn’t have to get up and get dressed”.  I didn’t feel like going to church.  After the whole week of busyness I just wanted to stay home.  I thought for a couple of days and put together a list of reasons that church going people often come up with for not going.  This isn’t for people that never go to church.  It’s for all those religious people who have an excuse to turn off the alarm, roll over, and stay home.

5.  It Was a Long Week and I Just Don’t Feel Like It – You’ve put in what feels like 100 hours at school or work or both.  Throw the family in on top of it and you’re exhausted.  It’s the one day of the week where you can sleep in and relax; recharge you batteries for the week ahead.  It’s supposed to be a day of rest after all.  Why get up and go sit through a lecture?

4.  I Can Worship God on My Own – Sitting in church seems so formal and smothering.  Stand, sit, kneel, read, sing, listen.  There’s nothing personal in it for me to connect with God.  It doesn’t calm my mind, restore my soul, and help me reflect on God.  I feel so much better reading alone, listening to music, or going for walks in nature.  Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath right?

3.  It’s Not My Kind of Worship – Traditional, Contemporary, Post-Modern, Experiential, Emergent.  I don’t like the music or the sermon style, the liturgy, repetition, spontaneity or lack thereof.  You could pick apart every detail and find something you don’t like about it.  None of it makes you say “I can’t wait to go to church today.  I don’t want to miss _______.”

2.  The People are Hypocrites – Church people can often be the worst people.  They dress up nice and pretty, hand you a bulletin, smile, and say “Welcome, have a blessed day”, but you know they’re just going to gossip about you when you’re gone.

1.  I Don’t Feel Welcome – The deacons and deaconesses at the door feel more like bouncers than greeters.  You enter and find church is a lot like high school.  If you’re not part of the crowd you quickly find yourself trying to live up to unrealistic standards and failing at every turn.  It’s no longer worship, it’s survival.

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