Sex Changes and the Appearance of Evil

Okay, so Homosexuality is a sin. The Bible says so. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. I get that. Christian’s are stereotypically homophobic and anti-anything resembling Gay Marriage, etc. Conservative politics take it one step further by enacting legislation that prohibits individuals of the same sex from being married and sharing basic benefits that individuals of the opposite sex do. I get it. But…

What about people who undergo a sex change? I can’t be the only person to have thought of this.  Why don’t I hear anything about outlawing sex changes?   Or at least people who do get them from getting married.  How is it any different than banning gay marriage? You have a Man/Woman whom God designed and created who takes it upon themselves to say “God got it wrong” and undergoes surgery to change their sex. Even though they’re technically attracted to the same sex, they aren’t gay; so long as they have a little cosmetic surgery. They can then marry, have kids, etc. Explain to me why that’s okay and homosexuality isn’t?

Here’s what I get from the whole thing.  The issue of homosexuality is all about appearances. What APPEARS (visually) to be wrong gets us all riled up and we have to do something about it. But if something looks normal on the outside, it’s acceptable. No one looks into the matter any further.  You could have gay people in leadership positions in your church and no one will care unless they bring their boyfriend/girlfriend to church with them.

But this issue isn’t just about Christians and homosexuality.  You can see it everywhere. We only focus so much on the problem we think we see and ignore everything else.  Businesses, politicians, churches, and marriages are all okay as long as they stay pretty on the surface.  As long as the family comes to church  in their Sunday best no one notices how the wife flinches every time her husband reaches for her. We believe what we see.

My dad always told me growing up, avoid the appearance of evil.  Which to a teenager basically means, don’t get caught.  Behave and do well in the right place for the right people and everything is golden.  We live in a world where appearance is everything.  As long as the real you (and the real you doesn’t even have to be bad) doesn’t effect the fake me, I’m okay with it.

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