Top 10 Resolutions That Don’t Involve Dieting

I love New Year’s Resolutions; plotting and planning how I’m going to change my life for the next year.  Some years I’m more successful than others at carrying out my resolutions for all 365 days.  Here are 10, in no particular order, that I’ve had success with over the years and have really improved my outlook on life.  Unlike other resolution lists, this doesn’t include sit-ups or diets.

10. Read – Every year I create a reading list and a goal to read X number of books or pages.  Large or small, fiction or self help; read something.

9.  Volunteer – The best thing I do outside of my family is volunteer.  No matter how much time it takes or how bad my week goes, being involved in something that makes a difference in someone else life makes me feel better.

8.  Find a Cause – Find something you’re passionate about and get involved with it.  Breast Cancer, Animals, Human Trafficking, whatever it might be.  Donate time, money, or just buy the T-Shirt to raise awareness.

7.  Laugh – I’m teaching myself to laugh at the absurdity of a situation rather than get frustrated.  Getting stressed and angry is way too easy.  Find a joke of the day or YouTube clip you can always go to that makes you laugh, then return to the problem.  It won’t seem so bad.

6.  Create a Bucket List – For several years now I’ve picked one bucket list type thing to do and it keeps me motivated all year.  Make it a list that you want to accomplish this year.  Throw something on there that will challenge and inspire you.

5.  Spend Time with Friends/Family – I can sit and talk with friends for hours sharing ideas and thoughts about life.  Guys Night Out, Girls Night Out, Game Night, Date Night, you name it.  Making an effort to get together with people you can relax and talk with is energizing.

4.  Turn off the TV – It’s amazing how much I accomplish when I turn off the TV even for 30 minutes.  Get off the couch.  Exercise, play a card game, read a book, start a blog, whatever.  Get your mind and/or body active.

3. Just Say No – One of the best things I learned to do was learn to say “No”.  It’s okay to say you can’t do something or you don’t want to do something.  Take time for yourself.  Don’t overburden yourself and make yourself miserable.

2. Learn Something New – Take dance lessons, learn to play guitar, take a computer class, or learn a language.  You’re never too old or young to try something new.  It keeps us humble.

1.  Save – As much as I like shopping, I also like seeing bills drop and money add up in my savings account.  Set a goal and save for it.  Whether you want to buy a new TV, go to Hawaii, or just pay off your student loans.


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