Just Call Me Scrooge

I enjoy Christmas.  I like Christmas shopping and giving gifts.  I love getting together with friends and enjoying good food.  But there are people who take the whole “Christmas Spirit” thing to a new and scary level.  You can picture them running around in the hideous sweaters, singing jingle bells in October, and counting down the seconds to watching Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer.  They are Buddy the Elf, Cindy Lou Who, and Charlie Brown all rolled into one.  

To them I’m a combination of the Grinch and Ebeneezer Scrooge.  It’s just not my personality to be perky.  I don’t mind people who are perky, until they try to make me perky too.

“Ben, want to go caroling?”  Not really.

“Ben, are you going to decorate your office?”  Probably not.

“Ben, do you want some cookies for the 14th day in a row?”  I’m starting my resolutions already

“Ben, why aren’t you wearing a Christmas outfit?”  Because I don’t want to buy an outfit I’m only going to wear once a year.

The world needs all kinds of people, and I don’t mind how much anyone loves Christmas as long as they aren’t trying to convert me to the “Magic of Christmas”.  I just have a hard time describing any time of year as “Magical”.  That’s a term that should be used solely by Disney.

I just want to enjoy Christmas for the time with family and friends, giving and receiving.  Please don’t try and convert me to something much more strenuous than that.


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